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Striking A Balance Between Call Centre Efficiency And Customer Satisfaction

Published by on October 26, 2012 under Office

Striking A Balance Between Call Centre Efficiency And Customer SatisfactionIn January and February 2011, Avaya (a global communications organisation) conducted a study with over 400 contact centre professionals to determine the key factors in successful customer contact, and the balance between this and the use of technology for call centre efficiency.

The type of study above is not uncommon, and can lead to some interesting results for organizations looking to strike that careful balance between efficiency and customer service. For those organizations that currently use an IVR System (Interactive Voice Response) it is always important to continue to evaluate customer feedback to ensure the system is working as well as it should be.

How to monitor IVR Systems

Have you ever called an organization where your call has been automatically handled and transferred to an agent but with an automated greeting which states “this call may be recorded for training purposes”? Call recording is just one of many methods which can be utilized by a call management system to evaluate a company’s call agent’s performance, call traffic flow, call duration, peak call times etc.

A lot of information can be gathered by an auto-attendant or IVR system as it operates, providing a full log of information. But what good is this information if it then isn’t evaluated and used to ensure that improvements can’t be made? For those companies which don’t have the most up to date phone systems, there is no easy way of performance monitoring either their call management system or their call handlers, but a reputable IVR system can be implemented to facilitate both efficiency, and to assist in determining the areas of your call centre where customer satisfaction can be improved.

Ensure your customer satisfaction increases as well as efficiency

So, you’ve implemented an auto-attendant phone system to get automatic call routing in place, to ensure that all calls to your main phone line are captured and processed, and to ensure your call stats are all looking a lot more efficient. A good way to achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction is to ensure that customer requests on the incoming call system are evaluated and the system is changed as a result. For example, if 90% of your incoming callers select option 4 on your telecommunications system why not alter this and make option 4, option 1? This can both improve customer satisfaction while simultaneously improving the efficiency of your phone system.

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