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Bag Hanger and Phone Stand

Published by on April 23, 2014 under Mobile


Bored of those round bag hangers that everyone has? Gizmine added a new model to their catalog, and now you can replace your old hanger with more style. The Bag Hanger Glasses are small, cute and can hold up to 5Kg.

Bag Hanger and Phone Stand (2)
Bag Hanger and Phone Stand (3)

The accessory created by Sceltevie, a company from Japan, is made of die-cast zinc surrounded by elastomer and comes in several colors like white, green, blue, black, orange and pink. Besides keeping your bag/purse secure on the table while in a cafe, you can use the Bag Hanger Glasses as a stand for your smartphone. Get these online for $29, from Gizmine.

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