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Award-Winning LG Bluetooth Speaker

Published by on April 3, 2010 under Mobile

Award-Winning LG Bluetooth Speaker

This beautiful speaker that won the Best of the Best Red Dot Design Award last year in the Product Design category comes from LG and connects to the sound source wirelessly via Bluetooth.
It has an organic U shape, as you can see in the images, and was designed by Kang Yong Soo and Kim Ji Hee from LG Electronics Korea.

Award-Winning LG Bluetooth Speaker
Award-Winning LG Bluetooth Speaker

Why did they design the portable Bluetooth speaker like this? -Well, because they wanted to create something that enriches the way we use gadgets and technologies.
The LG speaker here is stereo and can be used with any gadget featuring music player, such as your cell phone or portable media player. It has 2-Watt output, a flexible shape so you can match it with any part of your room, and special LED lighting at the ends that blinks on the music rhythm.

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