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Automatic Nail Clipper

Published by on August 17, 2013 under Beauty

Automatic Nail Clipper

I remember when I trimmed my nails a while ago using scissors and I a reflex caused one tip to hit my finger and a lot of blood to come out. If you want to avoid these accidents you can use nail scissors with rounded tips or get an automatic nail clipper like this one.

The device is easy to use with both hands and powered by 2 AA batteries. The design allows increased comfort while clipping your nails and you can move the nail in different directions to make a round cut. Once the head is removed, you can clean the device with the included brush.

I saw a video with this device and I don’t like that it takes some time to cut the nails, but if you’re not in a hurry you can find this device at Hammacher Schlemmer at $39.95.


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