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A Voice Enhanced Speaker for your TV from Grace Digital

Published by on November 26, 2015 under Home

tv speaker grace digital

Grace Digital GDI-BTTV100 is a Bluetooth speaker designed to enhance the audio of your TV. The wireless transmitter connects to the TV via a cable but uses Bluetooth to connect to the wireless speaker, replacing the infrared technology, which means you don’t have to keep the speaker and the transmitter in direct line of sight. This way, you can place the transmitter next to your TV and the speaker where you want (within a 3-feet range). The system clarifies the voice and dialog for movies, news, talk shows and sport events. Read more

Mokacam – Smallest Ultra High Definition Action Camera

Published by on November 26, 2015 under Mobile

mokacam ultra high definition camera (3)

Recently introduced as the world’s smallest 4K camera, the team behind the Mokacam launched a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo. Read more

4 Affordable Smart Watches that look good on Women

Published by on November 25, 2015 under Mobile

As you know, there aren’t many smart watches designed to look feminine on a woman’s wrist. These are usually bulky and who’d want to replace their slim and elegant watch with something big that people would stare at? Still, here are a few suggestions that I think you might like if you’re looking to put some technology on your wrist and keep it feminine.

An Elegant Smartwatch with White Crystals and Health Apps

round white smart watches women (1)
round white smart watches women (2)

This feminine watch comes with a white leather-like wristband and pink gold, round, face decorated with white crystals. Designed for a healthy lifestyle, it pre-loads apps like heart rate monitor, pedometer, sedentary reminder, sleep monitor, ECG, and thermometer. There is also an anti-lose app, stopwatch, and connection alarm. Read more

Slim 6-Inch Phablet running Android 5.1

Published by on November 25, 2015 under Mobile

slim 6 phablet android (1)

The 6-inch smartphone named CMX comes from China and packs all the features for basic daily needs. The slim, 8 mm phablet runs Android 5.1 Lollipop and is powered by a quad-core processor, while supporting two active SIM cards and smart wake, which allows you to open your favorite apps by drawing the corresponding character on the screen. Read more

Wrike for Simple and Efficient Project Management

Published by on October 14, 2015 under Apps

Wrike Simple Efficient Project Management (1)

Just a few years ago, in order for people to collaborate on projects, they had to sit together in the same office. Nowadays however, proximity is no longer an essential factor thanks to the Internet and project management software. The solution enables people working on different tasks within the same project to communicate efficiently and finish their tasks using any of their devices, and from any location. Read more

All the Concerned Parties use the help of this Mobile spy, Xnspy

Published by on October 8, 2015 under Apps

mobile spy xnspy

Has a thought ever struck your mind that why would anyone want to keep track of someone? There could be majorly two reasons. Either you are sincerely concerned about that person, due to which you want to keep track of them. Another reason could be that the person you are tracking is supposed to follow your orders and you are not sure whether your orders will be followed or not. In either case, you would dearly require the services of a mobile spy to keep a close eye on them. Read more

Smart Glider: Compact Personal Transportation Device

Published by on October 8, 2015 under Outdoors

smart glider personal transportation (2)

I don’t know if you’ve heard of Smart Glider before, but this device seems to be a great personal transportation solution coming in a small, compact form factor, but not cheap. Future Wheels developed Smart Glider to help anyone get from place A to place B with minimum effort. You don’t have to push anything or try hard to keep your balance either. Read more

A mug that won’t fall over

Published by on October 8, 2015 under Fun

mug wont fall over (2)

The Mighty Mug is not just a regular mug that holds your coffee without falling over. It sticks to the desk using the Smartgrip technology which creates airlock to the surface but allowing you to lift it up at any time with ease, but besides this, it keeps the drink at the same temperature for hours. Read more

Review: EaseUS Partition Master: Full-Featured Partition Manager that Anyone can use

Published by on October 7, 2015 under Apps

easeus partition master (2)

Once the Windows operating system is installed on the computer, you can’t modify partitions without a specialized software. In time, there will be more and more programs installed on the disk and more data stored. At some point you’ll probably need to reorganize your disk in such a way to allocate more space for specific partitions. Also, when the entire storage capacity will have to be expanded to meet your new needs, you’ll end up setting a new disk. One of the software solutions providing all the tools you need to perform these tasks is EaseUS Partition Master. Read more

Upright Ergo Adjustable Workstation

Published by on September 21, 2015 under Office

Upright Ergo Adjustable Workstation (1)

We all know that sitting for long periods of time can damage our health, but these days we sit more than ever before while working on the computer, or filling papers. Doctors say that prolonged sitting increases the risk of stroke, heart disease, cancer, and others. At the same time, standing many hours gives us back pains. That’s why the Upright Ergo was developed as a solution to both situations. Read more