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Audio Technica Headphones for the Ladies

Published by on January 6, 2009 under Mobile

Audio Technica Headphones for the Ladies

Want to know what’s the latest fashion trend when it comes to stylish headphones? Audio-Technica has an answer and its’ about the line dedicated to women, which will be present at the Customer Electronics Show this year in Las Vegas.

“Audio-Technica is the first company to offer an entire product range of headphones that are designed specifically for women,” said Crystal Griffith, Audio-Technica Consumer Marketing Manager. “Our in-ear and on-ear models for women let you listen in your own fashion. They combine attractive design with outstanding sound quality, portability and value, and come in a variety of appealing colors to match any style – or stand out in the crowd.”

Now let’s take a closer look at the available models.
Compatible with all media players and small enough to fit any bag, the new headphones range includes the ATH-CK1W in-ear model available in green, orange, pink, purple, white and yellow, coming with durable metal carrying cases, three interchangeable eartips, and the cord wrap.
These can be purchased at a price of $59.95.

Audio Technica Headphones for the Ladies

ATH-ES3W are on-ear headphones of $99.95 coming in blue, green, pink and silver, with cushioned earpads, soft headband and foldable ear cups. Specifications highlight 28-mm rare-earth-magnet speaker drivers for a rich and detailed sound.

Audio Technica Headphones for the Ladies

ATH-ON3W with 30-mm drivers is for on-ear wearing and costs $69.95 and enable rich bass, high frequencies, all in either dark gray, pink, teal blue or white color.

Audio Technica Headphones for the Ladies

Next come the ATH-CK6W in-ear headphones at $99.95. These can be found in metallic silver, blue, green and pink, with three eartip sizes, and three interchangeable loop support pieces.

Audio Technica Headphones for the Ladies

The last model from the ladies’ line is ATH-CK52W for in-ear use. Coming at a price of $69.95 in pink, black and white, these headphones have the capability of eliminating the background noise and keep the nice music sounds only for the wearer.

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  1. Bogdan Epureanu says:

    Honestly I don’t like any of them… but after all it is logic; I’m not a “lady”. :))

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