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Audio Light Bulb

Published by on March 11, 2011 under Home

Guest post written by Andreea R.

Audio Light Bulb

Since the new Apple products, namely the iPhone and iPod have made their appearance felt on the market, more and more manufacturers create various accessories just to squeeze more the skills of your cool iPhone or iPod. We know that there have been all sorts of covers, protective sheets, programs and applications, decorative accessories or supports, but did you ever imagine that eventually someone will invent even a light bulb compatible with your iPhone or iPod? If you’ve only imagined, now it’s time to have.

I’m just giving some details about the ingenious audio light bulb which succesfully can replace the standard light bulb, offering you a discreet audio and lighting using the wireless function. Also, provides crisp audio, the full-range, the 10-watt speaker receives interference-free wireless audio signals from up to 50′ away from its transmitter, which docks with any iPod/iPhone equipped with a 30-pin connector.

Even though this bulb has also audio features, it doesn’t mean that its main function is beneath. On the contrary, the speaker has integrated LEDs that provide bright light similar to a 60-watt light bulb. The included remote controls volume, play/pause, and light dimming to 50% of brightness. At Hammacher Schlemmer, the audio light bulb costs $299.95.

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