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Animal Keychain Camera

Published by on February 6, 2009 under Unique Gift Ideas


It must be a complicated manufacturing process when involving comprising multiple modules into a small unit that the user should carry hanged on the keychain.
I say this because this interesting film camera here doesn’t look stylish, but it is incredibly small yet capable of shooting photos on the go.

It is probably dedicated to kids who need to developer their creative talents.
The Animal Camera was just launched by Gizmine, an online store selling cool gadgets and unique gifts, and is available for purchase at a price of $19.99, which is very cheap and attractive even for those looking to get a symbolic Valentine’s Day gift.

You have the possibility to choose between 10 nice colors and attach your favorite model to the keychain.

The mini analogue camera uses the 110 film type introduced first by Kodak back in 1972.
We don’t know how clear the pictures result, but we’re very curious to see some, so if by any change you use one of these cuties don’t forget to leave a comment with your impression.

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