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Amosu Rolex Submariner – Unique Luxury Men’s Watch

Published by on September 28, 2010 under For Men

Amosu Rolex Submariner Unique Luxury Mens Watch

This beautiful watch designed by Alexander Amosu will be launched on October 1st with the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Nigeria’s Independence Day. Named the Amosu Rolex Submariner, the luxury men’s watch will be available in a limited edition of 50 pieces destined to elegant professionals who enjoy wearing sophisticated accessories.

Amosu Rolex Submariner features luminescent indeces, date wheel, the Rolex logo, white bezel markings, dial text and second hand, and green date and dial, all combined to represent the Nigerian flag.

Amosu Rolex Submariner Unique Luxury Mens Watch

According to Alexander Amosu, the first watch in this edition will be made a gift to the President of Nigeria, while 9 watches will be available for purchase via auction on the special number +44 7971 678 858 dedicated to Government executives and Nigerians elite.
Watches numbered 11 to 50 can be purchased directly from Alexander Amosu’s official website for no less than £15,000, or about $23,760.

Alexander Amosu will also launch the ladies version of the watch in a different design. Both versions can be customized with gold, diamonds, name and company logo.

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