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Airframe Car Mount for Smartphones

Published by on June 1, 2014 under Cars

Airframe Car Mount Smartphones (3)

Kenu launched a new mobile accessory called the Airframe. The portable car mount attaches to the air vent to hold your smartphone in front of you so you can stay up to date with emails, messages and calls.

Airframe is promoted as the world’s most portable car mount for smartphones because it attaches quickly to the air vent and you can take it qith you, inside a pocket, when you leave the car.

Airframe Car Mount Smartphones (2)
Airframe Car Mount Smartphones (1)

The mount comes in black and white, featuring expandable grip so you can add any smartphone with up to 5 inch screen. You also can rotate the smartphone in the mount in horizontal, vertical or angles position. The soft grips don’t leave scratches on the handset. If you insert a card into the rotating clip, you can use Airframe as a desk stand for the smartphone.

You can purchase the car mount from the official site for $24.95.

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  1. This is simple but nice car mount. I like it. Thank you for your post. I have also submit a post in

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