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AirBuds Hands-on Review

Published by on November 6, 2012 under Reviews

AirBuds Hands-on Review

In-ear headphones are preferred by many audiophiles because of the high efficiency in blocking surrounding sound without making their heads look bigger. This makes them great for listening to music discretely, while on the move or in public places.

Problem: Everything that puts pressure on your skin, including slight pressure, becomes unbearable after a while as it creates pain, and I have to include here silicone in-ear earphones too, at least based on my experience.

Solution: AirBuds

AirBuds Hands-on Review
AirBuds Hands-on Review
AirBuds Hands-on Review
AirBuds Hands-on Review

This new type of in-ear headphones use a modern material that you can find in many devices created with ergonomics in mind, which are designed to eliminate any pain from your ears while providing great sound. Even their name makes me think of something as light as air.

AirBuds are the most comfortable in-ear headphones available out there and the feature that makes them so special is the expandable memory foam used to create the ear tips. While silicone is just soft, feeling like skin, memory foam is soft, but also adapts its form to your ear canal, filling it to remove background noises. I’m already using my review pair and I can tell you can wear them for as many hours you need without feeling any pain or stress.

AirBuds Hands-on Review
AirBuds Hands-on Review

In case you didn’t guess yet, the ear pieces are made from the same material as common earplugs, which help you sleep in the afternoon, when your neighbor decides to change a window or something else in his home. The difference is that these ear tips are much smaller and detachable from the earphone. You can clean them with soapy water, dry them quickly with a piece of paper towel and then reattach.

Specifications and features:

• Driver: 8mm
• Impedance: 16Ω +/- 15%
• Frequency Response: 20~20,000Hz
• Plug Type: 3.5mm (TRRS)
• Cable Length: 1.2M
• Expandable memory foam ear pieces
• Flat rubberized cable that doesn’t get tangled
• Built-in microphone for handsfree phone talk

AirBuds Hands-on Review
AirBuds Hands-on Review

Using the AirBuds

The headphones come in a nice box, set in a velvet support, with three pairs of adjustable Fit-All Foam Tips. You only need to squeeze the tips between fingers and insert in the ears. Within 30 seconds the tips get back to their initial shape, filling the ear canal, and they won’t come off.

I tested the microphone during phone conversations and the sound was crystal clear. Compared to other in-ear headphones, AirBuds are more efficient in blocking surrounding sounds; I couldn’t hear anything around while listening to music. The sound is stereo and, because you have to lower the volume in the player, your hearing is protected.

Like with all the other in-ear headphones, you have to think about hygiene and, because you have to clean the tips after every use, you can’t share them with friends. The good part is that you can clean them quickly with some soap and water and they can be used immediately after dried with a paper towel.

I don’t have an iPhone, but the instructions state that you can use the built-in mic functionality with an Apple device to answer or end calls, change tracks, and play or pause audio.

AirBuds Hands-on Review
AirBuds Hands-on Review

Where to get them

AirBuds in Gunmetal Grey with blue ear tips are available on the official website for $39.99. Separate Fit-All Foam Tips are also available for $6.95 in sets of two pairs.


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  1. jordasn says:

    They don’t just work with iPhones, they work with Android and Windows Phones too. The WP functionality was a huge selling point for me.

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