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4G – What is It and What Does It Mean?

Published by on June 1, 2012 under Mobile

4G What is It and What Does It Mean

4G is an acronym for fourth generation wireless. This is a type of technology used by mobile phones, wireless computers, and other similar mobile devices. It allows users to gain faster internet access and download speeds, building on the progress made by third generation or 3G networks over the past few years.

It was in 2009 that the ITU Radiocommunication Sector, or ITU-R, defined the required standards for 3G’s successor. To be qualified as 4G, the new technology is required to provide absolute peak speed for internet communication – this is 100 megabits per second for high mobility users, which includes users travelling in cars and on trains, and 1 gigabit per second for low mobility users, those who are stationary or walking. Just as 3G was not fully incorporated worldwide for several years, 4G is not expected to be widely available for some time yet.

4G wireless technology offers its users a wide range of improved services. You can download, view, and even upload HD videos, as well as utilise high quality voice settings and access high data rate wireless channels. Another name for 4G is “beyond 3G”, which refers to the way in which 4G provides a comprehensive and secure IP solution. The new 4G functions are available “anytime, anywhere” – features also known as MAGIC, an abbreviation for Mobile multimedia; Anytime/anywhere; Global mobility support; Integrated wireless solution; and Customized personal services.

4G is the latest development of mobile technology, an area which is constantly expanding and moving into new areas. Currently the main focus of mobile communication is speed – improving download and connection speeds is essential for maintaining high quality connectivity even whilst on the go, on a train, bus, or in a car. The first 4G phones are already out there on the market, although some are more worthy of the title than others. Be sure to check the specifications of any 4G phone you think about buying so you know you are getting the best cheap mobile phones.

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  2. Ankith Kedar says:

    i would be rather happy with my 3g plans! who needs superfast internet on phones! all you do with 3g is browsing net, skype calls etc whats the use of high speed? you dont download on a phone lol 😛 torrents

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