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In-Ear Headphones with Earring Clips

Published by on February 28, 2009 under Unique Gift Ideas


The EarMecca headphones were launched three years ago but unfortunately not many have heard of them yet.
Their unique design featuring a special clip allows you to wear the BiJE Bio Jewelry Earphones like earrings, while handling your phone calls on the go. Read more

LG Versa with Detachable Keyboard Available Starting Tomorrow

Published by on February 28, 2009 under Mobile


This new smartphone resulted from the collaboration between LG and Verizon Wireless has an interesting design concept. It combines a standard touchscreen smartphone that you could control using one hand, and a detachable QWERTY keyboard embedded in a protective case. Read more

Cool Umbrellas with Funny Characters

Published by on February 27, 2009 under Unique Gift Ideas


These are the new Rain Parade Mini Umbrellas introduced by fredflare.
I couldn’t estimate their size, but they are described as normal rain umbrellas so probably they look small only when closed. Read more

A 7″ Digital Picture Frame with Free Online Photo Uploading Would Make a Nice Gift

Published by on February 27, 2009 under Unique Gift Ideas


A digital picture frame is a nice and consistent gift for any occasion. You can find them in different sizes and colors, while their prices have dropped considerably during the last year.
Because these are among the most popular gifts, Give a Digital Frame decided to provide you with a complete package meant to save your time in setting up the digital picture frame, edit photos and upload them onto the frame’s memory. Read more

Crystals-Embedded USB Flash Drives with 8GB Memory

Published by on February 26, 2009 under Mobile


I’m sure we all like jewels with genuine Swarovski crystals and because they look so elegant and unique some get even computer accessories with crystals embedded, such as the Lock Out USB Memory Key (in the left), but those who don’t have $180 to spend on an original USB flash drive from Swarovski could go for the new 8GB USB Flash Drive Necklace – Jeweled Metal Lock (in the right), which is made in China and available for purchase online at a price of just EUR 23.30. Read more

Cool iPod Cases from Cute-Cases

Published by on February 26, 2009 under Mobile


The new 2009 collection of cases models from Cute Cases includes the iPod Nano Chromatic line, characterized by multi-colored furry-like designs.
You can choose from various models like Fashion Pod, The Hipster, Simple Elegance with the free black wrist strap, Shaggy Chic sporting a fun combination of rich colors, Retro, Dark Romance coming in a single color with a hairy look, Modern Art, Golden Beauty, Funky Monkey, Star Trek, Hottie, which is also my favourite, Love Birds, Passionista Mohair, Flirt Mohair, Organic Hemp made from natural organic hemp fiber, and Sassy. Read more

Meet Kings Button iPhone 3G Luxury Cell Phone

Published by on February 25, 2009 under Mobile


We are happy to present you the latest luxury cell phone design launched by the Austrian designer and jeweller Peter Aloisson, who customized the world’s most popular handset with 18-carat yellow, white and rose gold lines on the margin, as well as no less than 138 highest-quality diamonds encrusted in the white gold. Read more

The Blue Bow Watch

Published by on February 25, 2009 under Unique Gift Ideas


Well, you’d need to wear a special outfit to match this blue bow watch from fredflare, but it surely would make you stand out from the crowd at the party.
It is a uniquely designed wrist watch for girls, with water-resistant properties and including a small mirror. Read more

Pink Pen in the Shape of a Nice Rose

Published by on February 24, 2009 under Unique Gift Ideas


To give a pen to someone as a gift would have been an impressive gesture immediately after the pen was invented. These days, if you want to make a nice gift to several people in the same day, you usually think of spending small amounts of money and get little objects, or something symbolic. Read more

The Fake TV Can Keep Burglars Away from Your Home

Published by on February 24, 2009 under Unique Gift Ideas


When you don’t plan to buy a gun because it’s not safe for the children inside the house, or don’t have enough money to spend on installing an advanced security system, you could start improvising with this fake TV for a while.
It would provide a smart TV simulation in the room you place it and can trick inexperienced burglars. Read more