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2 gear i-drill Review

Published by on March 2, 2011 under Reviews

2 gear i drill Review

The tool I am reviewing today is something that, in my opinion, can’t miss from any home. Whether you are an expert in fixing things around the house, or just complaining about broken stuff that no one cares to repair, i-drill PowerTools offer the solution for all cases. That’s because it was designed to be easy to use by anyone, while saving money and time. Why spending extra on a carpenter when you can do it yourself, when you need to?

i-drill is a relatively new brand focused on providing a more comfortable alternative to traditional tools that only men could use. This time, women too have access to a range of friendly tools developed in such a way to be easy to store and use.

i-drill tools are characterized by a wide range of uses, cordless function, portability, global charging, attractive design, and global 5-year warranty. The current i-drill series includes the 1 gear i-drill for drilling and screwing, the impact driver for drilling holes in solid walls, the oscillating saw for cutting things in small spaces, the LED torch, and the powerful 2 gear i-drill that you’ll have the chance to find out more about from the following lines.

2 gear i drill Review

Let’s start with the specifications. The 2 gear i-drill is a cordless drill with Jacobs 10-mm keyless chuck, powered by a rechargeable Japanese Sanyo Li-Ion battery, which you can use to drill wood, plastic and even steel. It’s great for screwing, unscrewing and drilling holes.


Voltage: 12V Lithium-ion
No-load speed: 0-400/min, 0-1,200/min
Chuck size: 1.0-10 mm keyless chuck (one-sleeve)
Max. Torque: 25Nm in low speed, 15Nm in high speed
Charging time: 45 minutes (UL or GS version)
Drilling wood: 13/16″ (20mm)
Drilling in steel: 11/32″ (8mm)
Driving screw: 1/4″(6mm)
Built-in LED work light
Rechargeable battery: 1.3Ahr Sanyo Lithium-ion
Includes tool stand

2 gear i drill Review
2 gear i drill Review
2 gear i drill Review
2 gear i drill Review

Inside the box:
The 2 gear i-drill comes in a nice durable box, together with all the accessories you need to start working right away. Inside I’ve found a double-end bit, a second battery, a charger base with stand, a charger plug pack with pin configuration attachments so you can charge the tool anywhere on the globe, and the friendly user manual.

Design and construction:
My 2 gear i-drill is lightweight and compact, thus I can use it with one hand. Although it’s ergonomic and good-looking, with a glossy white finish, the power and functionality are not compromised. You can store it in small spaces like the kitchen drawer and use it whenever you need.

2 gear i drill Review
2 gear i drill Review
2 gear i drill Review
2 gear i drill Review
2 gear i drill Review
2 gear i drill Review
2 gear i drill Review
2 gear i drill Review

Using the 2 gear i-drill:
There are many jobs that require effort and skill in our homes, but drilling and screwing with this tool is not one of them. Although you can’t use it with masonry, the tool is very easy to handle and you only need to follow a few steps to start fixing or strengthen furniture components.

Making sure the battery is mounted inside the i-drill, you have to set your bit in the chuck, make the right adjustments for the torque and speed, unlock the tool by pressing the left button to set the rotation direction, and press on the On/Off trigger to start drilling.

2 gear i drill Review
2 gear i drill Review
2 gear i drill Review
2 gear i drill Review
2 gear i drill Review

Like with all modern tools, you have the possibility to unscrew bits when you realize you screwed them wrongly and screw the used bits in a different location. In any case, you can rely on the easy-to-follow manual that’s included in the box.

Here is a short video I took while fixing my bed:

The 2 gear i-drill is a useful tool for anyone who needs to fix things made from wood, plastic or steel around the house. You can use it anywhere on the globe, without wires.

If you like it as much as I do you can purchase one from for $149.95. Also, don’t forget to check the Idrill PowerTools Facebook page to win an i-drill pack by simply joining and leaving a comment about what you’d love to see on the page, or making a suggestion on the discussion page. The i-drill pack consists of a 2i-drillT –12V 2 Gear Lithium Drill + i-LED 12V Torch worth $149.95. More than that, you can get real deals in real time with the i-deal ALERTs. Get all the details on the Idrill PowerTools Facebook page.

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